Antique fireplace accessories come in all manner of forms. The most common two are fireplace fenders and fire irons. Fenders were used as both additional decoration to the fireplace but also a practical solution to prevent hot coals rolling off the hearth. Fire irons are the tools used to manage the fire. They were often in sets of three. A poker, pair of tongs and a shovel. Most commonly found in steel but were also made from brass and occasionally copper in the late 19th Century.

All our fireplace accessories are genuine antiques and we only use traditional methods in their restoration to ensure that every piece retains its authenticity.

Many of our reclaimed fire accessories can be found below, but we have many more awaiting restoration in our warehouse so please contact us today if you cannot find what you are looking for; or why not pay us a visit to see the entire collection.

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  • Small Arts & Crafts Copper and Wrought Iron fireplace fender-0
    Small Arts & Crafts Copper and Wrought Iron fireplace fender
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