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A fire grate, register grate or insert is framework used to hold the fuel and contain the fire. Very often these pieces are made of cast iron but can also be constructed from wrought iron, have applied brass, copper or steel decoration. Grates from the late 19th Century on wards will often feature runs of tiles either side of the grate too.

All our fire grates and inserts are genuine antiques and we only use traditional methods in their restoration to ensure that every piece retains its authenticity.

Many of our reclaimed grates can be found below, but we have many more awaiting restoration in our warehouse so please contact us today if you cannot find what you are looking for; or why not pay us a visit to see the entire collection.

Antique brass Regency hob grate
Stock Number: 3-661
Antique cast iron Carron fireplace insert.
Stock Number: 3-599
Antique cast iron gothic grate.
Stock Number: 3-811
Antique cast iron reducer
Stock Number: 1-1222
Antique cast iron Regency hob grate.
Stock Number: 3-736
Antique Edwardian copper insert
Stock Number: 3-842
Antique Georgian cast iron hob grate
Stock Number: 3-670
Antique Georgian cast iron hob grate.
Stock Number: 3-634
Antique Georgian cast iron register grate
Stock Number: 3-921
Antique Regency cast iron fireplace grate.
Stock Number: 3-975