Rare Antique Aesthetic Gold Medal Eagle Grate

Stock Number: 1-1307

Rare antique aesthetic ‘Gold Medal Eagle Grate’. Circa 1887. This very unusual tiled grate has two large doors each side to fitted with a set of antique fireplace tiles (sold separately and can be changed). Behind each of these tiled doors is a further three doors, the top door remains closed to act as the hood, the other two doors can be used to control the heat from the fire or closed completely when the fire is not in use.
This grate was manufactured by the Eagle Ironworks in Oxford, England. founded in 1812 by William Carter, and in 1825 the foundry was moved to a site beside the Oxford Canal, in Jericho, Oxford. It ceased production in 2005 and was demolished in 2007.

This grate is fully restored and finished with traditional black grate polish and supplied with a new clay fire back and cast iron bottom grate.

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Tiles are priced separately, and can be changed if required.
Please see our range of Antique Fireplace Tiles. *

* Please note tiles can only be purchased with a fireplace

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Rare Antique Aesthetic Gold Medal Eagle Grate

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