Are Nostalgia’s fireplaces really antique?

Yes all of our 2500 plus fireplaces are genuine antique pieces, sourced from all over the UK and occasionally other parts of Europe. We do not sell reproduction fireplaces.

How do I buy an item?

You can order a item directly from the website by clicking the ‘add to basket’ button, or you can order over the phone by calling us directly on 0161 477 7706. With some antique pieces we prefer to take orders by phone or you can use the ‘enquire’ button on the website to ask us questions.

Do you have a showroom?

Nostalgia has a large complex in Stockport with four showrooms and a huge warehouse, where you can see all of our stock of over 2,500 antique fireplaces, grates and accessories. Go to our contact page for more information. We realise that many of our customers are not nearby or able to visit our showrooms so we tried our very best to accurately photograph and describe our fireplaces and antiques and are happy to answer any questions or concerns by phone or e-mail.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash and cheque and electronic bank transfer (BACS or iBAN). All payment must be cleared before delivery.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, our prices do include VAT, we operate the VAT Margin Scheme (see VAT notice 718), which means that the VAT element is not recoverable, if you are VAT registered and wish to reclaim the VAT element, then please ask and we will transfer the items from Margin Scheme to the Standard Scheme.

What is the lead time for delivery?

We can usually get items that are already restored delivered within 14 days of payment. If the items needs restoration or any additional work we will advise you on the expected completion date of this work and potential delivery date at time of order.

Is there a charge for delivery?

Please see our Delivery page

Is my delivery insured?

Yes all our deliveries are fully insured.

What happens if the goods have arrive damaged?

All goods should be checked and signed for upon delivery. Notification of any damage or defects must be made at this time and repairs or replacements will be arranged at the earliest opportunity. Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details.

Can you arrange international shipping?

Yes, we can arrange worldwide shipping by specialised carriers at competitive rates, please contact us for a quote.

What finishes and sizes are available?

All our antiques are original and as such there is often only one of each available unless specified. Generally the finish on the fireplaces is as is on the website but if you have a special request for a different finish our team of talented restorers can often grant your wish, so just phone us to discuss.

Can you restore my own fireplace?

Yes. Nostalgia offer a full restoration service for clients own fireplaces. Please contact the team and we will be happy to discuss this work with you.

Who should install the chimneypiece?

We always recommend that our fireplaces should be installed by a qualified installer.

Can I have a gas fire in an original fireplace?

Almost all of our fireplaces can have a gas/coal effect fire fitted, providing that the grate isn’t too small.

Can you supply a hearth for my fireplace?

Yes. We stock and cut to size our own popular black slate hearth, and we can also supply granite or tiled hearths too.

Can I choose different tiles?

Yes, you can choose a different set of tiles from another fireplace on our website or from the 300+ sets of antique tiles in our showroom. Please visit our antique tile page for a wide selection. There may be exceptions to this when the tiles are an unusual size or have been made for a particular fire. This will be stated in the description for that fireplace.

How do I look after my fireplace?

Please view our Care & Maintenance Handbook

What fuels can I burn?

Logs, coal, either smokeless or traditional, depending on where you live, or your fire can be converted to take a gas/coal effect fire.

Can you alter a fireplace to my specifications?

Yes, in some instances we can alter fireplaces, but will always endeavor to keep the original elegance and proportion of the period fireplace. These services are only available when purchasing a fireplace from us.

I am restoring my fireplace, do you sell spare parts?

No, at present we do not offer a spares service, however if you are buying a fireplace from us we will endeavour to help with spares for any other fireplaces you may have.

I have an opening in my wall; can I buy a fireplace to fit?

Quite often, the opening in the wall that you can see is smaller than the true opening as it has been reduced to take a modern fire; our rule of thumb is that if your house predates 1920 then 95% of our fires will fit into the builders opening. It is a very easy task to increase the size of the builders opening to allow it to take these antique fires.

How do I decide what size of fireplace I need?

This is a very much a personal choice. There are a few limitation such as the width of your chimneybreast and the height of your ceilings but within these sizes it is very subjective. It can be helpful to draw the sizes of your preferred fireplace on the wall so you can stand back and get a true feel for its size and presence.

What measurements do I need before I buy a fireplace?

The width of your chimneybreast (if internal) is very important. The size of your room and aperture help but are not essential.

I have a fireplace I wish to sell, do you buy fireplaces too?

Yes. We are always on the lookout for more antique fireplaces. If you believe you have an original fireplace to sell then please e-mail us some pictures of the fireplace along with overall dimensions, and please remember to tell us what town or city you are in and we will get back to you to express any interest we may have in it.

Is Nostalgia part of another company?

No, Nostalgia is an independent family business started in 1976, and is run by Nick, Elizabeth, and David Durrant.

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